1. The Developing Super Drawing Talent of Delali Tsegah

    Just a little intro…

    If there’s one trait that’s been a part of my life all the way through, it’s procrastination. But that’s not the focus of this post; I’ve made my peace with that.Just mentioned that ‘cos it explains why I haven’t really made anything out of my one true natural gift: art (drawing mostly. for now..). I’ve just kept promising myself to get serious. Well, I think I finally did.

    This [blog/gallery/whatever] is basically just to make it real. To keep me righteous.I don’t plan on putting up any long-winded text posts; mostly just pictures of what I do and progress stuff. Any text will probably detail the new tricks/techniques I discover along the way…So look, like, critique, reblog. It all helps.

    Enjoy this.. journey…

    Delali lives and works in Accra, Ghana.             F/book

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