1. Jen Stark

    Mesmerizing Cut Paper Art by Jen Stark

    A kaleidoscopic adventure in the art of paper shaping is the treat in store for anyone who takes the opportunity to view the glorious artwork of the awesome Jen Stark.

    Drawing also on her images of things like wormholes, MRI scans and dead bodies, she creates paper sculptures that seem very precise and controlled in their creation, but she does not use anything other than her own sketched design ideas and an X-acto-knife for cutting the paper into the form she has foreseen in her artistic mind’s eye. Her artworks are always stunning and somewhat hypnotic in the effect they have on the viewer.

    She continues: β€œI frequently use common materials such as paper and wood and strive to create complex structures that reveal how remarkable common materials can become. I’m interested in the idea of how math and science is intertwined in everything around us and am inspired by all types of things, from plants to outer space, microscopic designs in nature, color and mystery. My work concentrates on hypnotic, optical designs that mimic mandalas and sacred objects. I hope to help everyone discover the simplicity of beauty and mystery through my work”.

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