1. Incredible biro drawings by French artist Kevin Lucbert

    Everybody doodles sometimes, and the chances are that you do it with a Bic biro. Of course you do! After all, it IS the AK-47 of pens: it’s cheap, it never jams and it will keep on writing when the enemies’ pens have all run out of ink. Kevin Lucbert, however, uses the Bic biro to take doodling to a sublime new level.

    The French illustrator creates drawings for the French Press, however for his own practice he lets loose his imagination in monochrome, creating physical impossibilities, dreamscapes and portals to other realities using the most humble of implements. Not only does he use the simple biro, but he predominantly uses its blue variant! The colour of exam papers, medical forms and loan applications, Lucbert seizes the ‘Bic blue’ back from tedium and uses it to bring his fantastical imaginings to life.


    Kevin Lucbert tumblr

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