1. born: 1959

    Konstantin Kalinovich

    Born in Novokuznetsk, Russia, in 1959

    Education: The Ukrainian Academy of Print (1986–1992). 
    Since 1992 – Corresponding Member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.

    Works in the fields of painting, graphic arts, book illustration. Konstantin devoted himself to ex-librises in 1985.

    Since that time he created about 300 pieces of art in etching and woodcut techniques.

    The astist took part in numerous art-exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad; he is prize-winner of international contests in graphic arts and ex-libris, incliding: Saint Niklaas (Belgium) prize for the best ex-libris – 1997. Grand Prix of the International Contest in ex-libris art, Gliwice, Poland – 1997. First prize and Bienale XX Medal of mordern ex-libris art, Malbork, Poland – 2005. Resides and works in Lugansk, Ukraine



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