1. Martin Soto Climent

    I like to disappear; and I do this for my own pleasure of existence.

    Martin Soto Climent, who lives and works in Mexico City, grew up in the countryside outside the suburbs of that burgeoning metropolis. His parents and uncles were successful as industrial designers, but less so as artists. Thus, art was introduced to Soto Climent as something that is done for oneself, free from formats or expectations of commercial success. After studying industrial design, a kind of second life started when he was 24: Returning from a trip to Europe, he ended a long-term relationship and decided not to become a designer. The collapse of his previous life turned into the beginning of something else-a life dedicated to objects and form. The question of whether he had created art was answered in 2006, when by coincidence he met a gallerist from New York. After a studio visit, Soto Climent was asked to present some of his work at Art Basel, and then it all happened very quickly.



    Thanks to http://5582db.tumblr.com/

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