1. Collages in Layers of Glass Emerge as Life-Size Figures by Dustin Yellin

    by Danny OldaPosted on March 10, 2014

    These ‘beings’ are part of artist Dustin Yellin‘s series Psychogeographies.  The figures are life size – six feet tall – and pinned between several layers of glass.  Yellin pieces together thousands of old clippings onto layers of glass to create a sort of three dimensional collage.  When the layers are stacked together a figure seems to emerge and float within the block of clear glass.  The sculpture clearly requires an immense amount of work and is lovingly constructed.  However, there is also a certain cold taxonomy to the series.  The figures appear to be sunken into the glass to be studied as biological curiosities, alien specimens.  Psychogeographies strikes an interesting balance in this way between inside and out, the personal and objectivity.

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    Collages in Layers of Glass Emerge as Life-Size Figures, Dustin Yellin
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