1. On View: Kris Kuksi’s “Revival” at Joshua Liner Gallery

    by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on December 4, 2013

    Inspired by the cultural legacy of Ancient Rome, Kris Kuksi recently presented a new body of work for his solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery, “Revival.” The title of the show alludes to the aspects of Roman society that persist in contemporary Western civilization. Kuksi’s work is exquisitely ornate, presenting a conglomeration of deified characters that resemble enlivened statues in an altar. Often ominous, the new works glorify chaos as their baroque construction unravels into depictions of conflict. Kuksi revealed in his show statement that many of the works stemmed from his disillusionment with the Christian church when he began to view it as a vehicle for discrimination. “Revival” is on view through January 18. Take a look at some of the work in the show

    View images from Kris Kuksi’s solo show “Revival” at Joshua Liner Gallery on Hi-Fructose.

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    View images from Kris Kuksi’s solo show “Revival” at Joshua Liner Gallery on Hi-Fructose.
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