2. Golden Buddhagata



  3. cross-connect:

    Artist Dillon Marsh combines photography and computer generated technologies in his series ‘for what it’s worth’, which visually embodies the resources of a copper mine situated within the landscapes of site specific locales. 



  5. Fruit and Vegetables Under an MRI Scanner

    It’s a little-known fact that MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines can show you the inside of an apple just as it can show you the insides of your brain.

    MRI technologist Andy Ellison used his professional training and access to advanced medical technology to capture cross-sections of various types of fruits and vegetables just like he normally would a human brain. From corn to starfruit, Ellison left no organic matter untouched.

    Ellison used a Philips 3 Tesla MRI at the Boston University Medical School to reveal the fascinating guts of produce. It will certainly give you a new outlook on the importance of eating your greens — and your oranges, purples and reds.


  6. ‘STREET ANATOMY’ by renown Austrian muralist, NYCHOS at Fifty24SF Gallery

    We are pleased to announce our upcoming solo show ‘Street Anatomy’ featuring original artwork by renown Austrian street artist, NYCHOS.  Recognized world wide for his unique style with distinct anatomical explosions as subject matter, Nychos brings his talent and vigor of the Rabbit Eye Movement to San Francisco.

    ‘Street Anatomy’ opens Friday, April 18th  7:00pm at FIFTY24SF Gallery located in Lower Haight, San Francisco



  8. 晚風 50F(91x116cm) 油畫 2009 張培均(私人收藏)

    Breeze 50F (91x116cm) canvas 2009 Zhang Peijun (private collection)

  9. by Sasha BogojevPosted on April 23, 2014
    Italian artist 2501 recently started a series of big trips and will continue traveling through October. The artist will visit such places as Australia, Mongolia, Canada and different parts of the USA and create works for his ongoing project titled “Nomadic Experiment.” Aside from painting public works and murals, 2501 will also make and collect parts for the indoor works that will be exhibited later this year. With a distinctive, abstract style that includes repetitive use of black lines and gold paint, his murals vary from geometric and precise to organic-looking.

    For the first stop of his world tour, he was invited to take part at the Public street art festival organized by FORM from April 5-13. Alongside 45 other artists from around the world, he created two murals in Perth, Australia. Interested in bringing awareness to gentrification and the plight of homeless people around the world, 2501 cites these social issues as the conceptual starting point of his works. His “800 Minute, The Burrow of the Rainbow Serpent” mural is based on a mythology of the Australia’s indigenous Aboriginal people. Through his abstract, thick, black lines, the artist painted the burrow where the fabled rainbow serpent was born to create the universe. His signature line work complements the architectural elements of the building, creating a vision of a sacred place where everything begins.

    The second wall 2501 painted next to Maya Hayuk’s piece is called “The Narrow Passage.” A tribute to all the tenants of public housing building it was painted on, the piece celebrates their strength to get back on their feet after life on the streets. Also, this piece was painted in loving memory of the late Claudio KADO Sinatti, one of the of the graffiti and video art pioneers in Milan in the early 90s.

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    Made by ABVH

    Rene Magritte and Pablo Picasso



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    Conceptual photography by muratsuyur


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    SOP2099, one of the most promising young art creatives in china today
    Check out the newest work from the brilliant mind of EDGE Creative Collective member, SOP2009.

    SOP2009, is an incredibly talented painter whose real name will not be disclosed… His paintings are so unique, as the contrasts in colours, mood and subject are so intriguing. Based in Chongqing

    His work defies any apt description so we won’t even try to tell you about it


    For more from Sop2099 on NeochaEDGE, link here



    All framed up and ready for the charity auction with Elephant Family in London. Framed by Anything Framed in peterborough. Nice and clean frame job is all they needed…