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    Earth is not the only planet in our solar system with auroras. As the solar wind—a stream of rarefied plasma from our sun—blows through the solar system, it interacts with the magnetic fields of other planets as well as our own. Saturn’s magnetic field second only to Jupiter’s in strength. This strong magnetosphere deflects many of the solar wind’s energetic particles, but, as on Earth, some of the particles get drawn in along Saturn’s magnetic field lines. These lines converge at the poles, where the high-energy particles interact with the gases in the upper reaches of Saturn’s atmosphere. As a result, Saturn, like Earth, has impressive and colorful light displays around its poles. (Image credit: ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser & L. Calçada, source video; via spaceplasma)

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    Eiko Borcherding born 1977 in Aurich, Germany, 2000-06 studied at FH Hannover and HAW Hamburg. Since 2011 he has been a University lecturer for Drawing at HAW Hamburg. He now lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

    Borcherding create intricate and well-executed mixed media pencil drawings. With an eye for detail, he plays on the ideals of life and death, combining these elements in a way that creates a hauntingly beautiful duality. Recently, his work has begun to catch the eye of many art collectors resulting in art exhibitions throughout Europe JuxtapozMag

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  4. by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on October 1, 2014

    Carl Krull’s drawings have a visceral appeal. Each of his works is composed of horizontal lines that start out parallel and wrinkle somewhere in the middle, yielding figures as if out of some primordial mass. Sometimes the forms he draws are hardly distinguishable from one other. The eye attempts to untangle his orgiastic cacophony of limbs and biomorphic shapes as if they were some strange riddle. On September 27, Krull debuted his solo show “Seismic” at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. The pieces evoke both the smooth grooves of cliff sides and the monochromatic markings of seismographs. By setting restrictions on his process (he seems to refuse to take the charcoal off the paper until it has crossed from one side to the other), Krull captures the quality of geological formations and invokes themes of creation and mythology.

    Carl Krull’s “Seismic” will be on view through October 25. Photos by Henrik Haven.



  5. Justin Bower
    Justin Bower
    Justin Bower
    Justin Bower
    Justin Bower
    Justin Bower
    Justin Bower
    Justin Bower
    Justin Bower


    Featured Curator of the Week: Michael Carini (acrylicalchemy)

    Justin Bower paints his subjects as de-stabilized, fractured post-humans in a nexus of interlocking spatial systems. His paintings problematize how we define ourselves in this digital and virtual age while suggesting the impossibility of grasping such a slippery notion. 


  6. by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on October 1, 2014
    Dutch painter Chris Berens’s work (featured in our book Hi-Fructose Collected 3) can be described as storybook-like with a darker twist. His light, airy oil paintings have a luminescence about them, as if his figures and the spaces they inhabit have a crystalline translucency that imbues them a magical-feeling ambiance. Berens recently collaborated with best-selling young adult fiction author Kami Garcia on an illustration project. An artist herself, Garcia is a long-time admirer of Berens and asked him to create three new paintings to be reprinted in her forthcoming novel, Unmarked. We bring you a first look at these new pieces before they debut in the book, which hits stores later this week.

  7. The Alchemist


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    The Extraordinary Art of Nicola Verlato

    Italian born artist Nicola Verlato creates paintings deeply rooted in the Renaissance painting tradition. He began drawing and painting at an early age, and begged his parents to teach him how to paint like the great Italian masters. When he was 9 a client of his family’s winery mentioned Fra Terenzio, a monk who taught people how to paint in his studio in the Franciscan monastery a few miles away. He spent 5 summers there, learning the techniques that would turn his future works into stunning explorations in lighting, skin tone, poses, and texture. .Txt  Verlato daringly combines techniques and skills borrowed from the old masters with themes more pop culture than Raphael. Regardless of the stew of pop-culture sign-posts found in his work, ranging from Disney to rock ‘n’ roll, to movie stars, comics and pornography, his central argument — that nothing evokes an emotional reaction more than the human form — is borne out by his highly dramatic tableaus. Verlato’s engrossing paintings manifest ample technical skill, but more importantly, they draw us in and ask us to consider the meaning of it all.Txt

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    Photography by GeoArcus


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    Invisibility Technology


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    LovePusher - London

    Photo: duncan on Flickr.




  14. Preview: Handiedan and Sail at Roq La Rue

    by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on September 30, 2014

    Northwest artist Sail creates drawings with intense contrasts, as if the marble-white bodies in his works have accidentally caught the light of a torch in the pitch black night. Feral and naked, his nymph-like characters are always obscured by shadows, not wanting to be seen. Sail is debuting his second solo show with Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, “Canna Intrat,” this Thursday alongside Handiedan’s exhibition “Vesica Piscis.” Handiedan’s new body of work, which includes four of the largest textured collage pieces she has done to date, has a much more spiritual focus than her previous work. Classic pin-up girl imagery is her signature, but this time Handiedan incorporates it into geometric patterns inspired by astrology and Eastern philosophy. Take a look at our preview of both shows before they open on October 2.

    Top 5 Drawings by Sail

    Bottom 4 Textured collage by Handiedan



  15. The Art of Dan Verkys
    1. Moonlighting

    2. Gullivers Lament