1. "Spartacus" piece created for upcoming show at Spoke Art Gallery tribute to movie director Stanley Kubrick Show. Opens in September and more info can be found at spoke-art.com. enjoy!



  3. bestqualitybeksinski:

    Zdzisław Beksiński


  4. Agim Meta
    The frog melody and some perfume.
    Oil on canvas 162x114 cm (2007)


  5. Nikolai Gritzyuk (Gritsuk)    

    (Russian, 1922-1976)


    Gritzyuk Nikolai Demianovitch was born in 1922 at Preobrazhenka village in the Far East.
    Graduated from the Art faculty of the Moscow Textile Institute in 1951.
    Member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1955. Chairman of the Novosibirsk Union of Artists in 1964-66.
    In 1969 Gritzyuk was a delegate to the Third Congress of Artists of USSR.
    Member of the all-Soviet Union Water Colors Committee of the Union of Artists of USSR - 1966-1971.
    Participated in numerous Soviet and International exhibitions since 1953.


  6. Top -Black Eden-Lake County, pen on paper, 2014

    full drawing, http://patperry.net/blog



  8. hifructosemag:

    Mark Gmehling’s 3D-rendered creations are instantly recognizable for their playful textures: rubbery legs that weave and stretch; gummy bodies that bounce off the floor; goo that drips and metal that glimmers. The artist (see our extensive interview in our current issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 32) began as an analog illustrator and even cites graffiti as an early influence. These days, his digital illustrations lay the groundwork for prints, murals and sculptures. Gmehling has an exhibition titled “Plastic” opening tonight at RWE in his hometown of Dortmund, Germany filled with satirical, off-kilter pieces. More on Hi-Fructose.


  9. A New piece of Wall Art from

    Grass is growing in my Jungle in Baton Rouge, now it looks how it should be! Tomorrow weekend in SWEDEN!


  10. .Gifs from KALSTEDOM

    I’m Rasmus. I’m from Denmark. I make gifs, mostly of video games, but sometimes music videos, tv series and movies too. Here’s my face.

    Tom Waits - “Hell Broke Luce" - YouTube

    ( Not my taste but interesting video )


  11. by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on August 20, 2014

    Though the starting point of his work stems from complex ideas surrounding our perception of reality, Bruno Novelli makes these intellectual concepts an afterthought in his candy-colored abstract paintings. His work gives visual pleasure first and foremost. Novelli (who sometimes playfully stylizes his last name as 9li) recently presented a new series of paintings titled “Materia Radiante” at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver.

    The Brazilian artist works with abstract shapes that somehow feel material and real. He carefully considers the gradients of backgrounds and the ways forms seem to spill over and fill one another with color. Novelli was inspired by 20th-century philosopher Henri Bergson’s idea that objects do not have absolute boundaries that separate them from their environment.

    “Materia Radiante” opened August 14 and while Novelli was in Denver, he created a mural in Confluence Park as part of the civic beautification project Urban Arts Fund. His exhibition will be on view at David B. Smith Gallery through September 13.



  12. Here is the final scan of “Android-Mind II”, 2014
    Acrylic on fiberboard, 40 x 32 cm / 15.75” x 12.6”


  13. New 3D work by Mark Gmehling. Full update coming soon. See more of his work and an interview in our latest print issue, now on stands and available here!: http://store.hifructose.com/products/hi-fructose-volume-32-pre-order


  14. The Visionary and Fantasy Art of Herve Scott-Flament

    Grand son of the clown John Scott who traveled throughout Europe with the Australian Circus in the early part of the 20th century, Hervé Scott Flament was born in Paris on February 1st 1959. His father was an acrobat who committed suicide when Hervé was very young. His mother raised him alone and inculcated him with her tastes for the supernatural, fantasy and the ” fantastique” culture born a century before, inherited from the Romantism era.