1. living-planet:

    Kronotsky volcano, Russia [1200x799]


  2. humanoidhistory:

    Behold the International Space Station on September 17, 2006, observed from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. (NASA)

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  3. Richard Dadd- 42 yrs of Confinement

    English painter. He was the fourth of nine children of Robert Dadd, an apothecary and chemist in Chatham. Dadd began drawing when he was about 13, and it seems likely that he learnt the technique of miniature painting during his formative years. In 1837 Dadd entered the Royal Academy Schools, London. Dadd was regarded as one of the most promising young artists of his generation and was universally liked for his gentleness, intelligence and cheerful good nature.

    In July 1842 he left England with Sir Thomas Phillips (1801–67), accompanying him through Europe and the Middle East to make drawings. Dadd returned from this journey in May 1843 showing unmistakable signs of insanity. He stabbed his father to death. In August 1844 he was certified insane. In 1864 he was transferred to the newly built criminal lunatic asylum at Broadmoor (nr Crowthorne, Berks), where he died of consumption.  He continued to paint throughout nearly 42 years of confinement. He appears to have had at least one of his own sketchbooks with him but otherwise relied chiefly on his imagination and a strong visual memory. His most remarkable watercolours are the small landscapes, shipping scenes and occasional fancy subjects, some smaller than a postcard, which were painted with the tip of a very fine brush using a technique that he refined and perfected over many years.




    Moje nová malba v Praze. / My new mural in Prague.


  5. cross-connect:

    Andriy Bilash is a musician from Kyiv, Ukraine who makes motion design from time to time. He started his blog on Tumblr with idea to explore visuals through making simple gifs in 3D environment. His goal is to connect visuals with audio in a single performance. His work is posted on Tumblr under the name squidnoir.




  7. Aqualegia


  8. tumblropenarts:

    Artist Name: Dave Mg

    Tumblr:  http://dave-mg.tumblr.com


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    Featured Curator of the Week : Archan Nair [archanN]

    Michelle Tourikian, born in 1989 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in 2011 majoring in Drawing and Painting. Post-graduation she gained valuable experience and insight as a participant in OCAD University’s 2012 Florence program. Living in Florence, Italy initiated a period of rapid evolution in her work, which began with a range of paintings focused on representing the emotional distress involved in change, displacement and mortality. Since this development, her work has transformed into a visual representation of information gathering, desperately seeking to discover a tangible manifestation of thought through the mixed use of abstraction and figuration. Traditional materials such as oil paint, canvas, wooden panel, paint brushes and palette knives collaborate to breathe life into this chaotic alternate plane of existence.


  10. 18 for 18 at http://www.adorenoir.com/
    By Stella Sidiropoulou


  11. ronbeckdesigns:

    Vladimír Procházka | glass

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  12. thingsorganizedneatly:

    SUBMISSION: commemorating place: languedoc in july by mary jo hoffman

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  13. mymodernmet:

    Louisiana-based photographer Frank Relle captures the nighttime magic of New Orleans in his ongoing series New Orleans Nightscapes. He uses long exposures to capture the feeling of the powerful, haunting beauty throughout his hometown.

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  14. John Karel, Homemade CGI and painting


  15. "No Pain, No Name #artgame" Graphite, paint and spray on coated wood (size : 78X115cm) #40thanniversary #rubik'scube