1. generic-art:

    Nicola Verlato, Hooligans 5


  2. generic-art:

    Toshiyuki Enoki


  3. nearlya:

    Gerhard Richter View of the exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen, 2014

    (via lafilleblanc)


  4. "Spies"
    It’s at that point where I could keep adding stuff forever but should probably stop. I’ll let it stew for awhile but for now I’m stopping. Want it Paul? 12x16 acrylic on panel


  5. rollership:

    paper-architecture: by Adam Simpson

    way too…square, Simpson.



  7. prostheticknowledge:

    Mrs Escher’s Nightmare

    Demoscene production by Andromeda Software Development presents what appears to be a continuous drawing of moving 3D objects to great effect. Video embedded below, but it is preferable to experience the PC demo:

    A summer demo by ASD made for Euskal Encounter 22 (2014).

    Code: Konstantinos “Navis” Pataridis
    Music: Sotiris “aMUSiC” Varotsis & Fotis “Leviathan” Panetsos
    Hand Model and Photography: Giorgos “Ch3” Cherouvim
    Graphics: Nikos “Amoivikos” Batalas

    You can download the demo for PC (around 25MB) here

    More at Pouet here


  8. artissimo:

    brella by piotr jaboski

    Digital Art Masters: Volume 6


  9. Lotus Tiger by Beastysakura


  10. snowce:

    Andrew Wyeth, Riverboat, 1963


  11. The Drawing and Art of Miles Johnstone

    Few more months have passed, that means time for another bulk update! This has been a beautiful year so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


  12. Studio Visit: Smithe Combats Urban Chaos With Imaginative Murals and Illustrations

    In a 200 year old building in Mexico City’s central historic district, illustrator, graphic designer and street artist Smithe brings to life scenes from another world. Downstairs from his studio, there is a cantina that still houses a bullet fired from Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa’s gun.

    The artist counts 19th-century Mexican printmaker José Guadalupe Posada and 1970s Virgil Finlay sci-fi comics as his primary influences, and has traveled extensively to paint walls, notably for an immigration-related piece in Bushwick, a mystic work completed in June for the Richmond Mural Project and a large-scale piece for the Pangeaseed Sea Walls mural project in Isla Mujeres, Mexico this past week.




  14. Avagauno


  15. Inside The Infinite 3D Beauty Of Sci-Fi Fractal Landscapes

    Using software program Mandelbulb3D, the artist Mark J. Brady (aka Mark Jay Bee) makes fractal landscapes that look like computerized storyboards from Ridley Scott movies— but the difference is that these vast digital settings are comprised of infinitely repeating patterns, bringing viewers into an inter-dimensional space that goes way beyond the 2D fractals we’re used to.

    Via The Creators Project